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A lot of people have helped 617 out and contributed to their success in many ways over the years - this is where they get a mention and the band say "thank you" !

(Those names which appear in a different colour indicate a link to their websites.)

Miff (BRM Productions)  -  fixing & supplying gear, and constantly helping with everything !
Tim Saddler  -  old mate - and for loaning gear in times of need !
Charlie Ford  -  at Monty Hind's Boys Club  Rest In Peace
John Siddall  -  for building many flight cases, cabs, fixtures, etc. Thanks Dad.  Rest In Peace
Reg Enderby  -  original Agent - Stables Entertainments
Martin Herbert  -  B&M Entertainments, Coventry
Zebra Muzik  -  where much of the band's equipment came from - Cheers Rob !
Long Eaton Van Hire  -  original "Trucking" company
Beeston Van Hire  -  second "Trucking" company - really looked after us !
Paul Bentley & Richard Prentice  -  The Real Rock 'N' Roll Shop, Mansfield
Michelle Storry  -  for taking practically all of the '87 - '92 band photographs that exist
Adrian Hexter  -  photography & graphic design for the official Promos
Midland Kebabs, Long Eaton  -  for staying open and feeding us after every gig !
David Pickering  -  pyro supplier
Pete Fleming & Gordon Hughes  -  Gaffer Tape !
George Mettam  -  for putting up with us clattering around in his garage at 4am !
Helen Garlick  -  for artistic help and advice with the backdrops
"The Women"  -  the "WAGs", for putting up with all this, and "girly stuff" like sewing!
Class-D, Mansfield  -  P.A. Equipment, 2008
The Sportsman, Long Eaton  -  for rehearsals
The Wilmot Arms, Borrowash  -  for rehearsals
Phil Adams  -  band photos, 2012
BIGSTAR Entertainments Ltd.  -  Dick Hill.... for "filling our Diary" again.... lol

Our own 617 Band "Ex-Servicemen's Association"

Geoff : Guitar (1983 - 1988, 2005)
Rich : Guitar (1988)
Mark : Bass (1989 - 1992)
Paddy : Roadie & Lighting Operator (1983 - 1992)
Coop : Sound Engineer & "Production Manager" ! (1983 - 1992, 2005 - 2008)

If we've forgotten to mention anyone, a thousand apologies - but thanks anyway.... and to everyone who has supported us over the years !

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