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WELCOME to the Home Base of 617 Online !

617 are a totally live, five-piece classic covers band, consisting of featured vocalist, guitar, keyboards, bass and drums. Pronounced simply "six one seven", this is a band of great history and pedigree !

617 were first formed way back in 1983, the name being derived from 617 Squadron, who were the RAF's famous "Dambusters" in World War II.

OK, since then, the band has spent much time in "retirement". But in 2005, all the original members got back together again to perform some "Reunion Gigs".... and since then the band have remained "on active duty" and are enjoying playing together again now.

These days, in what we have called our "Third Tour of Ops", 617 only perform a few times a year, as all the members have many family, work and other commitments. But we still strive to put on a powerful, lively performance at our shows, just as we always have done, for this is what we enjoy doing most - playing live and entertaining.

This website may be rather "cheesey", but it has been put together as a long-overdue and very self-indulgent tribute to the band, to chronicle its history, all those involved with it and the great friendships it has created !!

Anyway, we hope you will enjoy browsing around. At risk of sounding even cheesier (!), we are proud of our long history and so you will find much archive material in the "History" and "Gallery" sections. And if you would like the band to play at a function for you, please go to the "Contact" section to get in touch with us.
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